Saturday, November 28, 2009

Let the Games Begin...

I woke up this morning - earlier than I wanted to due in part to the sunlight streaming through the skylights in our bedroom, but mostly because I am married to Mr. "I only need six hours of sleep and I'm good to go". I contemplating trying to block the light with my pillow (not good - makes me feel too claustrophobic) or maybe I could drape my arm across my eyes (nope, that makes my hand fall asleep). I resign myself to the concept that resistance is futile, so I leap out of bed (actually, gotta confess, it was more like a tumbling roll with the assistance of gravity which liberated me from the sheets) and I trundle off to the shower.

Aaahhh, the excellent source of motivation for me this morning. I start mentally running through the "to do" list for the day; planning the most strategic route to ease the stress of venturing out to exit 15 during the holiday season. And then it happens: I start remembering all these little projects that I have been putting off for ... well until now it seems. The pair of jeans which require the rivet to be reattached; the reusable shopping bag from Walgreen's which needs to have a seam re-sewn; the various Christmas presents which have been started; the closets which need to be purged of the clothes that no longer fit or haven't seen the light of day for six months...well, you get the idea.

Today, instead of feeling paralyzed by the growing list of my own personal "Sheila Do" list, I simply set about checking some of the items off. Favorite jeans fixed and on my person; the Walgreen's bag CHECK; sheets are done in the washer - switched to dryer and another load started = Done & DONE.

Wow, this seems to be steamrolling on I must bid you adieu and venture forth into the world with shopping list & coupons in hand.

sds out

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