Monday, November 30, 2009

Playing Santa

While I admit to being a staunch non-participant in the "Black Friday" shopping frenzy, I discovered that it is profoundly easy to engage in "Cyber Monday" gift selections. Check this, check that compare the features on the two and pick the most appropriate item - ALL without being elbowed by fellow shoppers. Hubby and I were able to locate and obtain some pretty unique and hard-to-find items without putting a single mile on either of our vehicles. We were able to knock our list down to under a dozen items we need to acquire. I'm feeling pretty happy with myself about now, except for the fact that I never left the house today...we were so entranced with our online shopping excursion that the day just flew by...oh well, tomorrow is another day - so I can hit the ground running tomorrow in order to run all the errands I had planned for today.

...Hey, did you know you can purchase groceries online from (I guess I never really dove into that site as deeply as we did today).

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