Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!!!

We just returned from a quick visit to MIL house in Connecticut. We enjoyed a quiet & drama-free Thanksgiving. We also got to be on a forced electronics fast (Grandma Beverly is NOT part of the Internet revolution - the most hi-tech gadget in her house is the digital cable.) Knowing this in advance, I packed the never-ending crocheting project & a book for the trip "Julie & Julia".

I find myself becoming an increasingly nervous passenger (especially when riding with my dear sweet hubby - who seems to display many more "road-rage" behaviors as time goes by) - so I was quite happy with myself that I brought along activities to distract myself from the thrill ride of traveling with my husband. It seems reading a book about a woman writing a blog about cooking her way through "
Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and blogging about it has inspired me to return to my own blog and pour my little heart out.

So now I get to wade through over 100 email messages to see what's up with everyone. Perhaps I will find more inspirations for another blog topic....

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