Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ADD (All Day Day) at the Office

Happy Groundhog Day! Phil saw his shadow - so, according to the legend, we get another six weeks of winter. (it is this time every year when I question why it is that I live in the north east).

Taking a quick lunch break to clear the cobwebs and munch on some yummy leftovers from last night. Baked up a couple of "Wise Guy rolls" from The Meat House last night. Luckily for me, neither of the boys was hungry, so I get to nuke the noms for a repeat of the fabulousness.

{yes, i am aware i am using made up words, but hey, give me a break - it's my birthday month}

So tonight, I get to "hang with my peeps" at SALC and maybe later I will get in some time at the crafting table. Catch ya later!

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