Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Time Flies!


It's the last week of January 2010 - how in the world did THAT happen? (one good side effect = people have stopped saying "happy new year".) Oh, and another upside is that the "month of Sheila" starts soon. More about that later...

I have been crazy busy with my jobs lately. And the drama of being the mother of an almost 18-year-old person gets more fun and interesting every day. I keep my self re-assured with the concept that God uses all things for our good. I used to struggle with trying to understand how that is supposed to work, but lately I have resolved to just trust the idea.I've recently been playing with fun foam. (above is an example of the project we did for the residents at a local assisted living facility) Just thinking about the gang there makes a smile blossom across my face - it's a blast to cart in a bunch of supplies and sit with them making fun little projects.

Speaking of projects...I need to come up with something to show at this Saturday's "Day of Crafting Fun" at Karyn's house. I'm thinking I will share some tips & trick and we can use one of the new TAC stamp sets I have to make a quick & gorgeous card. (full details of the event are posted on Facebook here)

Well, the lunch break is over, so back to being the "Custom Product Specialist"

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