Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day After Christmas

I am firmly planted in my recliner chair in our cozy living room. It is quiet except for the dogs crunching on their beloved Gravy Train out in the kitchen and the sounds of Mike and I typing away on laptops. We enjoyed a day of running errands together - we even braved a trip into our local Target. The parking lot looked pretty scary, but it wasn't too bad inside the store. That is until a pretty blond toddler girl, nearing a full blown meltdown, started pleading for her apple juice. Her parents seemed to have recently lost their hearing, so we quickly evacuated the electronics department and bee-lined to the registers.

Yesterday, we enjoyed a leisurely drive up into the Adirondacks to visit "the folks" (Dick & Gwen) to celebrate Christmas with them (along with our middle boy & his wife). I realized early into our voyage that my "baby boy" will soon outgrow the back seat of our quad cab truck. He had to sit sort of sideways just to fit back there. He was a real trooper, and didn't really complain at all (until we pulled up back at home - at which point he opened up his door and just stretched out his mile long legs for a couple of minutes). Anyway, it was a fun time. We got to meet their new kitten named "Sparkles" - they never really call her that, it's mostly "little girl" or "gremlin" or whatever else pops into their minds. She is the proud owner of various cat toys and is very adept at entertaining herself as well as the rest of us. Dinner was fabulous - as always (my wonderful hubby scored us some yummy leftovers - which I may need to go consume shortly).

Now it is time to turn off the computers, pop in a DVD, and enjoy a movie....

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