Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Blog Break

The big item on today's "To Do List" = excavate the room of crap. This is not a simple undertaking because I've just been tossing random items into my upstairs office / crafting / hobby room (aka "room of crap") due to the holiday company we welcomed into our home {and promptly told them they were not allowed - for any reason what-so-ever - to venture upstairs}

I haven't really crafted since the beginning of December and quite frankly, I think I am in the throes of withdrawal. This is severely compounded by the fact that I visited Michael's yesterday - they have their Christmas stuff marked down 60%. I picked up a few things - well, actually MORE than a few - - but I did not spend over $4 on any one item - AND I brought home some items which have inspired some new projects ideas I want to get started on...the problem: having to climb over the mountain of stuff just to get to my table - at least I think there is a table still under, if I was able to make it in, would I even have room to do anything other than call for help?

So now I find myself with a little more room to move, but I have effectively blocked my path to the downstairs (sure hope the dogs don't need to go out soon) - well, back to the excavation.

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