Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I knew it had been awhile since I'd posted last, but when I got an email from my sister asking if everything was okay, I didn't realize how long it had been....
sorry - didn't mean to alarm anyone!
All is well here in the wilds of Upstate NY - as a friend of mine likes to say "I lead a rich and full life". It seems like it just keeps getting richer and fuller all the time. I have my day job at the office; one day a week I help ladies play "dress up" at CJ Banks (we are getting ready to have our Friends & Family sale - if you are local, see me to get a coupon for the event); I'm now an active demonstrator for The Angel Company (which means I get to show people how to make cool stuff out of card stock); my son is in the "where am I going to go to college?" mode plus his social life has blossomed to a a near-social butterfly status - which takes me along for the ride (literally) because he is still driving on his learner's permit; oh, and let's not forget my church activities and Zumba.
Got to get a move on - going into the office a little early today, so I can cut out for 45 minutes or so to consult with a gastro doc to schedule the ever popular colonoscopy for my 50th birthday present to myself. (***Yea Me!***)

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