Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feelin' Crabby!!

Waiting for an email from my sis - need to help her fix an Excel spreadsheet - I'm hungry and the stupid email isn't here yet....how 'bout now? nope, just hit the "send/receive" button again, and no such luck.

I really should just relax - getting keyed up about it really won't make it get here any quicker...so I decided to vent here in my blog...it will at least pass the time - not sure of the entertainment value of my ranting, but I've been feeling bad that I haven't posted in a while... so maybe if I can kill two birds with one stone, everything will be just fine.

So do you suppose it is taking so long because she is in California and I am in New York? Could the time difference be coming into play here? Can you tell I'm grasping at straws at this point? Are you tired of me asking all these asinine questions? Have you stopped reading this yet? Why not?!? I'm actually getting a little bored with this myself, so by all means, stop reading...carry on with your life...nothing to see here...move along

1 comment:

Shanmarb said...

my friend you can always call me and vent.....you know I am here for you and a bunch of people use me as a venting outlet.....cause I usually don't remember any of it....smile....you are a blessing to those around you..:)