Thursday, August 7, 2008


Okay, so yesterday, I go zooming off to work (running just a tad later than I wanted to be) and I noticed that we had a plastic grocery bag hanging from our mailbox - which is un-strategically located three houses down with a bunch of others (that's just how we roll out here in the wilds of Galway). ANYWAY, I whip out my new "Captain Kirk phone" and hit the speed dial for my home phone. Dear sweet hubby must have been outside and didn't pick up - so I leave a message to tell him the news - there was a package too big for our mailbox hanging there patiently waiting for us to collect it. I continue on to work not giving it another thought - after all, it was probably just one of the models that Mike won off of eBay

Fast forward to 10:30 pm. I'm moments away from home and think to myself - "pull over and check the mail". As I approach, I see the bag forlornly still hanging from our box. I retrieve it along with various "love letters" from our creditors and bits of junk mail. I pull into the driveway and start gathering my stuff. On the porch is another box - "how many models does one man need?" I wonder and then realize I really have no room to get irritated by the behavior because I'm the same way with my crafting supplies - so I quickly nip that emotion in the bud.

I take my stuff upstairs to find my sweetie on the computer messing with photos the models he has meticulously constructed (they are really quite impressive and I've been encouraging him to start up a Facebook or blog to share his creations with anyone who would care to enjoy the fruits of his hobby - he just smiles and continues to explain how he customized his Army jeep to make it more realistic). ANYWAY, I hand over the packages and start unloading my other stuff I schlepped upstairs. I am mindlessly sharing the events of my day as he practically chews open the first box. "Cool" he says "they are here already". He had won an eBay auction for four sets of model wheels for the price of what one set sells for in the stores. He starts on the grocery bag and finds that it's not one, not two, but three bags protecting the one from the mail box. When he finally gets to the actual box he says, "Honey, this one is for you." I see the Nashville return address and the name "Matt Bronleewe" and I think I let out a little scream of delight. My dear sweet husband is perplexed (he has no idea who this guy is) and a little alarmed as I started searching the room for a sharp object to liberate the treasure that I am certain lays inside. He handed me his Exacto knife and gently (but firmly) asked that I return it after I sliced through the tape and before I stabbed myself when trying to open the box.

I lifted the top to see the largest sticker I've seen in a long time - it is the logo of a Facebook group which Matt started - "The Unsecret Society". Lovingly wrapped in newsprint I find a copy of Matt's new book "House of Wolves" (signed), an envelope with signed book plates and bookmarks to promote the book, and a letter entitled "Operation: Wolfpack" explaining my "very unsecret mission". By now, I find myself laughing maniacally - and my husband is becoming more alarmed. I explain this is the guy who wrote "Illuminated" (the book I devoured in ten hours) and that this is the sequel. This seems to ease his mind - but now he has noticed that I am hugging the book as I am explaining and I can tell he wants to ask "Did you take your pills today?"

Sadly, I have not started reading this new edition to my library - Project Runway's second showing was about to start and by the time it was over - I was way too tired to keep my eyes open. So I will just need to carry it with me today with the hopes of a few stolen moments to discover August Adam's newest adventure.

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