Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Preoccupation Grows...

...with the book "House of Wolves".

A couple of posts ago I raved about getting an advanced copy of the book. Well, I read it rather quickly, because the author's style lends itself to a quick and enjoyable read plus I've been known to read freakishly fast - according to my husband. Anyway, the other day, I noticed on Facebook that one of the author's newest friends was August Adams - the main character in the book. "Brilliant marketing idea", I think to myself and immediately sent off a friend request to the fictional being - - yeah, I know, slightly deranged behavior on my part, but hey, I plead "mental-pause". Anyway, I get notification that my request has been granted and I see in the status line that August has a blog at http://augustadams.wordpress.com/. Of course I have to go check it out. I find out his birthday is the same as my sisters....(note to self: must mail her birthday card tomorrow, seeing as her birthday was LAST Wednesday).

I did call her to wish her a "Happy Birthday" even though she says she stopped counting them. I had to confess that her card was going to be late (like she didn't already know that all by herself). I told her that both her and my nephew's cards would get there before the end of the month AND that I wouldn't post pictures here on my blog until they got a chance to see them first.
I've rationalized that a sneak peek inside Ryan's card wouldn't be giving the whole thing away... so feast your eyes on this:

There was no promises made about sharing photos of the custom wrapping paper for the kid's gifty (hope he likes what's inside).
Once I know they have received their belated greetings, I will post more pics. Until then....

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