Thursday, January 10, 2008

Samples from Stamp Club

I was hoping that tonight's club meeting would serve as a creative kick-start for me...I've been feeling a little out of it since Christmas and haven't really sat down and finished any projects - I've gotten close on a few, but this ain't horseshoes, so it don't count.

So, at club tonight we learned a couple of techniques - Fading (to create the illusion of movement) with faux tile - we also got to use the new star punches, which I really should have ordered because the more I look at them the more design ideas I have - oh well, there's always next month.
Then there was the diamond dust technique along with a two-step image. This is a valentine's card for my knight in shining armor husband (he never checks my blog because he gets to see most of my stuff in real life).
Finally, we made a mega-sized matchbook with a chocolate heart inside...and yes the candy is still inside (for now at least). See I have a picture to prove it!

Luckily, my very clever, former Boy Scout husband stocked up on AA batteries during the holidays - because when I tried to fire up my trusty digital camera, the batteries were kaput. I use rechargeable batteries and keep a spare set of them on hand (for just such emergencies), but since I experienced a near fatal case of brain-drain from the holidays, I'd forgotten to recharge the spares. So, even though my hubby is working out of town, he saved the day! That is why he is my KISA (knight in shining armor).

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Cat said...

Such cute projects! I love the Diamond Dust card!