Thursday, February 3, 2011

I was SOOOO tempted...

...just to crawl back into bed this morning after seeing the hubster off at 6:15 this morning.

"Don't even think about it" my inner fitness Diva scolded. "Get up & help Mike make sure he has everything he will need for the job down in PA. And then you can commune with the WAH DVD."

So I did. I threw on some workout clothes and followed my beloved downstairs. He was rushing around, buttoning up his laptop and overnight bag. I saw his travel mug was empty, so I selected his favorite K-cup flavor and brewed him a cup off coffee in our Keurig (if you don't already have one, I highly suggest you seriously consider purchasing one of their coffee makers - they are NOT just for coffee, you can brew up a lovely cup of tea or a wonderful mug of hot chocolate.) sorry for the little tangent...

As I watched him roll out of the driveway, a little voice pretending to be my pillow, plaintively whispered that she missed me...why couldn't I just come back to bed...just for a few more minutes?

"NO" - (I think I may have actually said it out loud). "I've got things to do." So I logged on to check my emails for my daily motivations from the likes of Chalene Johnson, John C. Maxwell, Brian Tracy, and Natalie Ledwell. As the time flew by, my yawing increased & my eyes grew heavy. I could hear the voice of my pillow along with the blanket & mattress beckoning me to come back. I paused the video I was viewing to finish later. Got up..stomped into the bedroom & headed straight to the DVD remote. I had to get moving and fast...or I was in danger of crawling back into bed.

The first couple of minutes were rough...but, I pushed through. Eventually the smile on my face was genuine. Two miles flew by and it was time for a shower. So begins my day.

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