Saturday, July 31, 2010

WOW - where does the time go?

Show of hands = who is totally freaked out by the fact that it is the last day of July 2010?!?!

{wildly waves both hands in the air}

This year has been jam-packed with "adventures" (as my chiropractor calls them):
  • Early in the year, I signed up with the No Boundaries group to train for my first ever 5K. Ten weeks of training later I was ready to conquer the Father's Day course at the Crossings in Albany. Now I find myself dreaming of running, so I signed up for the fall training session which will culminate with "The Great Pumpkin Challenge"
  • I took a one-day writer's workshop which re-ignited my passion for writing. It was a blast & I met some really interesting ladies. Our ranks even included a local radio personality. It took me back to those high school & college days of the creative writing exercises I used to do.
  • Our youngest graduated High School - while this is not technically MY achievement, I do have a vicarious feeling of accomplishment for the event.
  • I've been devoting a bunch of time to crocheting a baby afghan. Ten more squares & assembly can begin. There is something sooo soothing about crocheting while watching TV - I have this cool container called a "yarn-tainer", so the project is very portable. I take it along to doctors appointments or car trips.
  • Speaking of car trips, my husbands 30th high school reunion was held recently. We drove up to Tupper Lake and played tourist for the weekend. We visited with the in-laws (while I crocheted up a storm); stayed in a cute little hotel (which was located next door to the establishment where their graduation bash had been held all those years ago); and had a fabulous time at the dinner/dance at the Knight's of Columbus hall. The big highlight of the evening was when my loving husband overcame his fear of dancing in public and asked me to slow dance to Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight". (sigh with goofy grin on face)
  • I was asked to be the craft-lady for my church's summer VBS - we call ours Adventure Camp and always have a cool theme every year...this year it was "Out of This World" (a space theme which inspired met to assume the alias of Sissy SpaceChix and devote several weeks to preparing for the fun by die cutting millions of stars). It was LOADS of fun - ALL the hard work on every one's part was well worth it. The kids (young & old) had a fabulous time!
  • The boy is scheduled to fly out soon to spend some time with his dad out in the wilds of New Mexico - it is time for the young man to spread his wings and make some decisions about what direction his life should take. It will be a huge adjustment for all of us.
Wow - I'm exhausted...I'm thinking it is time for a nap!

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