Friday, May 7, 2010

No Boundaries - RunInspired

The dawn of May 7th finds me awake at 6:26am and mentally unable to relax back to sleep until the alarm goes off at 8am. Mind you, my body is tired and begs for more sleepy time, but my mind and spirit draws me away from my pillow, compelled to record my thoughts about last night's NoBo training session.

I sit at the keyboard pondering the concept of inspiration. I've been told that my participation in the NoBo 5K training is an inspiration (thanks Peggy). That comment along with the support of our Saratoga running group fueled me for the final half mile of last nights training. Our goal was to increase our distance by that much and I found myself ready to quit at our previous 1.5 mile mark. I had visions of shaking my head and saying "nope, can't do it". The group was gathered and cheering me on, offering me raised hands for high fives - my thought was to get to the other side of the group & just stop - until I got to Alison. Her words to me "Come on, girlfriend, you got this! I'll go with you." Her triumphant energy gave me new strength and determination.

After a short time, she said, "Okay, ten feet." I knew exactly what that meant - earlier she had challenged me to "trot" for twenty feet during that day's training. I took off at a lumbering gallop, concentrating so hard that I was holding my breath. I have no idea how far I'd gone (my sense of measured distance is very lacking) so I stopped nearly ready to drop where I stood. Alison being the true friend that she is reminded me to breathe. Being on auto-pilot at that point, I obliged. After a short time, she urged me on again...we could see the finish line (cleverly disguised as a cross walk outside of the Gideon Putnam Hotel). This time my speed was an easier trot and I actually remembered to breathe!

Cool down exercises were in process as we returned to the group. I was greeted by several "Way to go, Sheila!" comments and I was not too secretly thrilled to see them on the grass performing various leg stretches. "Yeah!" I think to myself, "I can sit on the ground! That gives me such a short distance to actually collapse completely! BooYah!" We were doing a yoga-esk move and a couple of others were coaching me to the proper configuration. Ernie whispered "Just think pretzel" - I dutifully did just that and drifted off to a wonderful memory of the yogurt covered pretzels I'd purchased at The Meat House....yummm....sorry, drifted off there for a second...

Today, I realize that I have spent my life to this point thinking that I was not capable of physical activity and was expert at coming up with excuses not to do stuff. I find that thought process is now transforming. Left to my own devices, I would remain in a Java the Hut type of existence (never moving very far at very slow pace). My realization this fine morning = I am no longer an inactive coach-potato, through the power of inspiration, I am a runner.

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