Sunday, April 25, 2010

Blissful Weekend....

Saturday started with getting hubby up early for his a special out-of-town job. Plus I got to roust the man-child out of bed (he promised to accompany me on my No Boundaries training session). I was up, dressed and ready to go WAY earlier than I needed to be, but, hey, I was excited to meet my running peeps at the park to conquer another 1.5 miles.

The training keeps getting easier and easier. We found out that Josh may not be my best walking buddy, because he has a fabulous sense of humor which never fails to crack me up - the wicked side effect of laughing while working out = it messes up your breathing. I've come to realize that breathing is very important and should not be considered an optional activity.

Close to the end of the 1.5 mile loop, our intrepid coach, Lisa, came trotting back to check on me. The boy by this point had been wanting to run on ahead, but he could not bear to leave me in the dust (maybe because I was the one with the keys to the truck, or maybe, just maybe, he just loves his mommy). Once Lisa joined us, we gave him the green light and he dashed off to catch up with the teenage girl who had dropped her chap stick earlier. (he wound up getting a hug for his gallant gesture).

The workout proved to energize my offspring to the point where he kept asking "What can we do now? We need to DO something....what can we do?" My first priority after working up a healthy sweat is a shower. THAT was obviously not what the man-child had in mind, so he went off to text his buddies to see what kind of plan they could hatch between them. {they did come up with an interesting money-making scheme - but that is a whole other story}. My shower was wonderful & I puttered around for a bit before deciding that I had the perfect opportunity to finish the book I was reading. With that done, I decided it was time for a nap. Knowing that I am a world-class napper, I set my alarm so as not to sleep away the entire day. I had the multimedia duty for the Saturday evening service, so I allowed myself a two-hour nap time.

Our service was wonderful - a perfect set of worship songs and a fabulous message from Pastor Joe ended with a moving & prayerful communion. I felt sorry for anyone who had missed the service. It left me believing that I truly am treasured by God.

I got home to find that my sweetie pie had returned safely from his job down in the wilds of Delaware (always a good thing). I had a bite to eat & watched a little TV with the hubby. (Gabriel Iglesias = a hugely funny guy). Then I wandered up to my room of craft and started tinkering with ideas for my next Fun Shop coming up in a couple weeks. Before I knew it - it was bedtime.

The fourth Sunday of each month is my "Doody Duty" in the nursery at church. I love it! The toddlers are fabulous little people & I love being able to offer a safe & fun place for the parents to bring their little ones so they can focus on the service. Today was also a baptism day for us...there was SO much excitement for the impending dunking, the I found myself getting jacked up over it too. Another powerful set of worship songs along with three prophetic words brought forward set the stage for the abbreviated sermon, the baptisms and communion.

After the last little one was claimed from the nursery, I was able to catch up with newlywed friends of mine who were baptized together. She was simply glowing & gushing over the whole experience. (I've got this goofy grin on my face just thinking about it). In the course of our conversation, I got myself three hugs. {hugs are good for you, in case you didn't know, they release endorphins - also, a whole other story...sorry, I digress}.

After church, Josh & I had our mission to get his car inspected. That was accomplished successfully, much to our relief. Now he feels like a real person again and can drive himself places AND get a job to support said vehicle. It goes without saying that he is out, cashing cans & hangin' with friends as I write this.

I just got finished enjoying two hours of uninterrupted time at my crafting table. Wow, how time files when I am tinkering with my different projects! I've got a couple more tasks to complete before I call it a day, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to record these thoughts about my wonderful weekend.

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Katie K said...

Wow, just reading about your lovely weekend makes me feel more relaxed. Isn't it great when life is busy but not stressful?