Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Card Stock Therapy

I was in desperate need of some crafting therapy this evening,
so I bee-lined it to my table to assemble this ....

My son's comment: "I don't think the stripes and the flowers go together" (I had to break it to him that was how the paper was designed.)

Speaking of my son, he has discovered another talent. He got to make a music video for his digital art class. It came out really good. His classmates were impressed and said "wow that must have taken a LONG time!" His answer: "oh yeah, it took me all day to put it together" He wanted to post it to his Facebook page, but since he used a song by Still Remains, he couldn't get it to load up. (I told him he should send a copy to the band to see if they would give him permission to post it - what could it hurt?) Oh, and while I am bragging on him, his teacher is going to keep a copy of it to use as an example to show future classes. (how cool is THAT!?!)

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