Friday, July 24, 2009

All Quiet on the Galway front

I haven't recorded a rant or told a funny story for a while - frankly - I've been a little more "scattered" than usual. I find myself alone tonight (except for the dogs) listening to the rain on the skylights. The boy is "hanging" with friends and my loving husband is playing scavenger hunt with Verizon trucks before he gets to head home for the weekend.

I sit here, recording my thoughts and stifling yawns - - it has been a long, hot week at Adventure came to it's bittersweet end today. The women who planned and led us through the week made it all seem so easy and effortless (which I know really wasn't the case.) The children had a great time as did a bunch of us oldsters. I used this week to allow a little bit more of my silly crazy self to emerge - - to the point where my son pleaded with me to "rein it in a little".

We had a couple women circulating all week shooting pictures & videos (which I was very thankful for because I was always so busy helping the kids with crafts or listening to their verses that I never had a chance to bust out my beloved digital camera). I keep checking my Facebook page to see if there are any more posts...I'm thinking I will get to wait until Sunday to see the compilation video.

The yawning has reached a point to where tears are forming in my eyes. So I will have to bring this to a close.

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