Monday, April 13, 2009

Aaaahhhh - That Feels Better!!!

I haven't sat down at my crafting table for quite some time...I was starting to go just a little "buggy" with the lack of creative time. Plus I realized that I had not posted anything to my blog in quite some time. {gasp}

Tonight all that changed.

"Forget the dishes" I said to myself as I marched my stress-laden being up the stairs to the beloved room of, I mean CRAFT, yeah, that's right, craft. I needed to pull together a Hostess package for my next Fun Shop plus I was in need of some inspiration for a Mother's Day Card to demonstrate at said Fun Shop. Well all I can say is "Mission Accomplished!"

I found a cool design of a card with a very definite "WOW" factor AND it is super simple to assemble.

I know, I know - - it looks pretty normal .... but wait for it.... it's called a "Swing Away" Card ... and it does THIS

how fun is that??!!

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Helen Dooley said...

Cool card. I love the stamp.