Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another SpecTACular Fun Shop

I'm lovin' my "side job" more and more every day. I get to get together with a bunch of ladies, have a bite (this group is packed with great cooks & bakers), and spend a couple of hours playing "arts & crafts". Today we made mini bon bon boxes and stuffed them with three Hershey kisses (we tried to fit more in, but the cute little boxes just couldn't hold any more than that). Got the instructions off of the Scor-Pal website.
My basic theme for the day was "use the entire buffalo". I'm finding that my attitude of "save everything, because you might need it someday" is not an uncommon idea among paper crafters. I told them to kCheck Spellingeep the four corners from their bon bon boxes to use to create an inspirational card. I am absolutely kicking myself for not taking my camera - these ladies are TALENTED! My sample card was meant to be precisely that - a sample of what they could create. I really had to encourage them at first, but once they got into it, I was REALLY impressed!

Oh, and a special shout out to my navigator/"Vanna" = ShanShan! Love ya girlie!!

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