Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Saratoga, New York – December 8, 2008 -- Local author, Ladean Warner, based her new suspense novel, The Keeper of Darkness in familiar territory, Saratoga County. Using the backdrop of Saratoga and the end of track season, Ladean weaves a story born out of her love of suspense novels.

In The Keeper of Darkness, just outside of Saratoga Springs in a small town, two women are missing. Several years ago, four women disappeared in the same way, but Jake Peterson solved those cases and a man was convicted of their murders. Now, Jake just returned to Granelle as the new associate pastor for a small church. On the night that the senior pastor is hospitalized, Jake’s old boss asks him to return to his job as a detective and take over the case from his ex-partner/ex-fiancée, Meg Riley, since there are similarities to the solved cases.

As Jake is torn with his desire to help the police force and his commitment to the church, he hears that Meg is following a strange theory tied to animal hairs at the crime scenes. People are talking about her and the captain is questioning her ability to handle the case. As Jake struggles to meet the needs of the church, a ten-year old boy in his congregation is reported missing by his parents. As Jake finds himself drawn into the investigation, he realizes that Meg may be the latest victim.

Ladean grew up in northern New Jersey. After moving to New York, she attended Empire State College while raising her small children, obtaining her MBA in 2007. In addition to writing, Ladean works as a finance director for a girls’ school, enjoys spending time with her family, is involved in her local church, is an avid reader, and enjoys other creative pursuits.

The novel has been released by Publish America, Frederick, Maryland, and will be available at bookstores nationwide. Autographed copies of The Keeper of Darkness are available for sale only at For more information, members of the press can contact the author at ladean@ladeanwarner.

ISBN: 1-60703-743-2

To place orders for the book, contact:

The Bookshelf
690 Saratoga Road, #160
Burnt Hills, NY 12027
Phone: (518) 899-2097

To arrange a book signing or interview, contact Ladean Warner at (518) 899-2097 or

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