Monday, March 31, 2008

Since She Asked...

I've been "under the weather" physically and emotionally for the last week or so. The nasty flu virus is leaving my system slowly and grief ebbs and flows on a minute-by-minute basis. Last Friday evening, my mother passed away. Since she lived on the west coast with one of my sisters, I did not get to see her as often as I wanted to, but we did talk on the phone frequently. I made the comment to my husband this morning that it was just sinking in that she wasn't a phone call away any more (which of course inspires me to leak profusely from my eyeballs). His response was "No, now she's just a prayer away."

Anyway, I was checking my email today and found a comment from Jodie on one of my posts inviting me to comment on "Ten Struggles Christian Women Face" (she is collecting information for a book she is writing) - hmmm, this got me to here's my list: (in no specific order)
  1. Obedience or submission to authority
  2. Keeping God First (see what I mean ?!?)
  3. Finances
  4. Walking out my faith - setting example for children & grandchildren
  5. Keeping my house tidy
  6. Exercise & a generally healthy lifestyle
  7. Keeping my priorities in line
  8. Saying "yes" to too many people & stressing myself out when I'm unable to meet all the obligations I've accepted
  9. Being WAY too hard on myself
  10. Keeping myself grounded in the Word

....I really could keep going, but I'm going to show some restraint and stop myself.

You should check out her website at or email your list to her at

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