Friday, March 7, 2008

The Reveal - Samantha's Christmas Gift

(yeah, yeah, yeah - I KNOW it's March - but at least this got done and shipped before her August)

I worked on this for months - trying to get it just the way I wanted. These pictures are prior to my talented hubby building out the frame into a shadowbox to protect the trinkets from dust.

There is a heart and a little wire icon for each of them....

(No - the icons are not a comment in any way on their unique personalities)

if they were, I would have had to pick something WAY more hyper for my nephew!

Here are some pictures after my talented husband finished constructing the shadowbox portion of the project...

the back is even protected by a piece of plexi-glass. The little round flower medallions are there to hide some ugly holes in the cardboard backing and the heart proclaims that this gift was "Handcrafted by us"

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