Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Okay, so it's official!!


view out our back door

this is our neighbor's truck and Bar-B-Que decorated with the omnipresent "white stuff"

One big reason I'm not enjoying the "winter wonderland" of the northeast is that we had to rent a car while one of our trucks is in the shop. I was hoping for something that would handle the icy roads and as we were driving into the lot, my dear sweet husband said "Hey, look honey, they rent vans too!" I immediately "pooh-poohed" that idea but, as it turns out, THAT is exactly what I got. (Evidently, there is a lawyers convention in town and all the cars are rented out).

Anyway, I nicknamed this "The Pig" - - because it handles like one!!

The good thing about it, that the guys at the rental place felt so bad to stick me with this beast that they cut the daily rental almost in half.

Oh, and I've had this unnatural desire to move something... so if you have something that needs to be moved before noon tomorrow....just let me know.

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