Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Latest Find... (links, links & more links)

(edited version - so the light bulb went on for me and I realized what the link icon could do for me - yeah, I know - - I can be really slow on the uptake sometimes...)


During one of my many blurfing sessions, I happend upon the link listed above - thanks to a link that I found here - which I happened upon because of the daily email I get from Allison - not to be confused with Alison - or another Alison whose blog I also frequent. Anyway, I haven't really explored the Rubber Road Adventures completely, but it looks like a great place to check out techniques and tutorials. Until now, one of the sites I would go to for project instructions was SCS - but I find myself quickly becoming a technique junkie, so if some is good, more is better. So it's time to share some of my other favorite sites to cruise:

There are project videos at AC Moore - or you can pick up free patterns from Joann (click on the projects & more tab) - ooh, or the library of fun stuff here - got to put a plug in for Michael's (I worked for them for a short time when we first moved here) - type the word PROJECTS into the search box, hit GO and thousands of projects will be displayed (including all the supplies you will need that they conveniently stock in their store). One of my all time favorites has to be Carol Duval. I love her show but I don't always get a chance to watch so the website is VERY handy. Another valuable site is DIY (very user friendly & organized site to navigate). Other sites worth checking out are this one (you will have to register with them, but well worth it), or this one, if you like videos go here or (last but not least) this one.
Well, I could stay at this all night - but I've been told there will be no lollygagging about tomorrow morning, so I'd better toddle off to bed! (With just a quick little pit stop to visit my Valentine's cards in progress in the midst of the rubble I call my crafting area.)

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