Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Christmas Ornaments

Using the SU Scallop punch - you can make them in various fullness.

the first one has three pieces, the next six and the final one is nine strong.

Confession: I messed up my first attempted at the double pouch purse, so I brought home the designer paper which should have become a cute gift-card holding thing of beauty and got busy with my square punch and used the same idea to make diamond shaped ornaments.

How's it done??? Punch out a bunch of shapes, fold them in half, use mono adhesive to attach them and BEFORE you affix the last two together, get a piece of yarn or decorative elastic for the hanger cut to the desired length. Cut a piece of the super sticky tape and place it close to the fold on one side of the soon-to-be ornament. Peel off the red plastic part (that will most likely want to stay on your fingers due to the heightened state of static electricity created in your home during these colder winter months) and lay the cut ends of your string in the sticky stuff. Now you can attache the last two pieces and "fluff" your new creation.

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