Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just wanted to see how it would look...

Yeah, yeah, I know, I know it's been several days without a post that was a product of my creativity - but I've got a great excuse - really!
Anyway - here is another version of a criss-cross pocket card. I used two pieces of card stock & folded them the long way. It's a little too fat to fit in a standard number ten envelope, but I really didn't intend this one for anyone in particular. I'm thinking I will do a mini-portfolio of the cards and crafts that I've created to date so I can carry it around and show people who don't have a computer and compulsively blurf this site on a daily basis.
I scanned this image instead of doing my normal photographic method (mainly because my crafting area is a complete disaster area and I'm not entirely sure where my beloved digital camera is hiding - guess I'll have to break out the pitchfork soon to excavate). Anyway, the VersaMark shows up much better on the scanned image. The bands going around the pocket are the strips I cut off the triangular pieces that were then attached to the opposite color's flap. In other words "I used the whole buffalo" (not sure why, but that is a favorite saying of mine lately).

Soooo, are you still waiting for my "great excuse"?
Well, here's the deal, most of what I've been working on lately are Christmas presents and I just can't post the photos and ruin everyone's surprise, now can I?

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----- Alison Mewer Cowan ----- said...

Forgiven - as a fellow blogger who's been making Christmas gifts, and NOT BEING ABLE TO POST THEM - *gasp*.... I think my Christmas day post is going to be reeeeeeeeeeeally long!