Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Must Read: Illuminated by Matt Bronleewe

On Thursday I get an email from one of my sisters. It was a forwarded message from Emily, her daughter-in-law, about some exciting news: she and her husband (my nephew) Josh wrote a screenplay based on Emily's brother's recently published book "Illuminated". Included in the email is a link for purchasing the book online. The reviews hooked me right away. Being a creature driven by immediate gratification, I checked to see if my local Borders store had the puppy on the shelf (after all, I had this 20% coupon burning a hole in my purse), so it was a no-brainer that this purchase needed to be made. I used my internet savvy to place to book on hold.

Friday I had a lunch date with a friend who works strategically down the street from the Borders where my new purchase was patiently waiting for me. After Barb and I finish our yummy comfort food lunch at our favorite downtown diner, we strolled up the street to rescue my new treasure. Since it is a new release, it is placed prominently in the front of the store. Anxiously, I pick up a copy and read the back cover synopsis. I am overcome with a desire to find a comfy chair, a cup (no pot) of coffee and start tearing into the book right then and there in the store. Unfortunately, such was not to be. I recently started a new job (which I loooove) and I thought it would be the ultimate in tacky to call in on the first Friday of my new employ. {by the way, the gal I work with and my new boss both want to read it too - they are both fans of the genre)

Anyway, I didn't get to start reading until about 8:30 Saturday morning. I took it along with me on our day of errands. I was hooked by page seven. My husband kept trying to have a conversation with me and I just kept answering "uh hunh" until he finally gave up. Our first stop was at the camper place where my hubby's new cap needed to be adjusted. The quick work to of the installer put us ahead of schedule for our eye doctors appointment - but that just played into my "secret evil plan" - I had my new exciting book to read. My downfall was when the eye doctor had to dilate my eyes. I was unable to focus properly for several hours (which really made our shopping stops loads of fun - NOT!) By the time we got home from all our running around, my eyes were no longer ultra-sensitive to light and resumed their normal operation, at which point, I poured myself a glass of iced tea and took up station in my recliner to devour this book.

I will not give away any of the plot (I hate when people do that!) but I must say, if you enjoy a fast-paced historically based-story, you've GOT to read this one. And I agree with Emily & Josh, this would make one dynamite movie!

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