Friday, July 20, 2007

Dental Fun

So, in keeping with my "year of life change" theme, I made and kept an appointment to get some oral surgery taken care of. It was a two step process: first came the frenulectomy (the repositioning of the muscle pulling the gum away from my front tooth) which occurred six weeks ago; and yesterday was the tissue graft (a small portion from the soft palate is relocated to the area where the gum was pulled away). I'm a big baby when it come to dental visits, but given the option of eventually loosing the tooth or submitting to the surgery, I opted for not going toothless.
My loving husband, Mike, transported me (since they don't want their patients driving impaired - and boy was I). I was blissfully unaware of the procedural events after they got the IV in place and started the drip. My dentist believes in giving an extra shot of Novocaine at the end of the festivities, just to "keep you good and numb" until you can get home and take some pain medication - which I have affectionately renamed "the magic nap pill".
Feeling better today, but I still haven't had the courage to really look at Dr. Dweck's handy work (neither has my husband for that matter). Ventured out to the grocery store with Mike and realized my stamina is not quite up to snuff yet. Another good nights' sleep should do me wonders.

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